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Gertrude Walker

Gertrude Walker is a graduate of Rhema Correspondence Bible School, Tulsa, Oklahoma, she also holds a degree in ministerial studies from Zion International Bible college, Jupiter, Florida.  She is a wife and mother, and over the years she has successfully completed various certification classes in ......

Lourdes Lewin

Lourdes Lewin is a powerhouse. Born in Panama, she migrated to the united States and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. 

She is an Evangelist, Intercessor, Prophet and Teacher and currently is a member of Restoration Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic, Inc. in Brooklyn, New York under the leadership of Dr. Roberto Robinson Sr.

Judy Howard

Judy Howard is the founder of Eagles Word Christian Publisher.  Her desire to be a blessing to the Body of Christ first led her to publish newsletters for churches, in which she would write life-giving words to impart knowledge and encouragement.

Rosita Hunter

Rosita Hunter hails from the beautiful island of Barbados, but currently resides in Virginia. She and her husband Anthony (Tony) have been married for 31 years and have two sons, Letrelle and Terrence. At the behest of her husband and several of her friends, ....

Julia McDougall
Tenicha Johnson

Julia McDougall is a mother, motivator, worshipper and Writing Consultant. She began writing at an early age, during the many trips on which she accompanied her mother.. It soon became her true passion as can be seen in her work of the same title.

Tenicha Johnson is Overseer and Pastor of Victorious Life Worship Center, Inc. located in Brooklyn, New York. Her book covers portions of her childhood and youth, and shows her development and growth into the woman of God that she now is.


Rashad Tarpley

Rashad Tarpley is a loving father of two beautiful girls, Sky and Raven. At the age of 10, Rashad found that he had a gift for writing and has written several short stories. It wasn’t until recently that Rashad decided to step out in faith and publish his very first children’s book called The Adventures of Sky and Raven...

Bridget Blondet

S. Bridget Blondet is the founder and director of Righteousness Diamond Women’s Movement, an organization that has blessed many women through community events, award recognition ceremonies and empowerment sessions.  She is also a legendary liturgical dancer of the Worthy Praise Dancers of Brooklyn, New York.  She...

Taki Hopkins

Taki Hopkins is an ordained minister, a philanthropist, and the host of "Commanding Your Morning" prayer call which reaches many people each day.  He also organizes several community outreach initiatives such as Feeding the 5000 Thanksgiving Annual Outreach...

S. J. Joseph

Sherwin Joseph is a strong believer in God.  He loves ministry and serving others. Sherwin was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago and later came to the United States.  He is currently the outreach leader at H4G Church, and evangelizes in the streets....

Dell pic.jpg
Hope Roberts
Dell Walters

Hope Roberts is a Health professional, poet, writer, and entrepreneur whose mission is to provide hope, support, encouragement and inspiration to others, and to promote health of mind, body and spirit.

Dell is a born-again, dedicated woman of God. A true worshipper, set apart by her strong faith in the will and purpose of God.  Her career as a Registered Nurse has shaped her life, contributing to her greatest attribute – that of helping people both spiritually and physically.  

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