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March has been designated as Women’s History Month, so I wanted to take a brief moment to look back at a woman from whom we can learn.

This woman is featured in the Bible as a woman who, because of her unselfishness and her trust in God, was able to save herself, her family and her nation from disaster.

Taking a look at some of the attributes that made her successful will enable the 21st century woman to be all that she can be – fearless, wise, knowledgeable and commanding respect. This speaks of knowing your identity.

A Christian woman must know her true identity. There is absolutely no room for inferiority, self-doubt or timidity.

In the Book of Esther, Chapter 7, Esther chose to make demands on her position as the wife of the king to overcome the threats made against her and her people. Despite the fact that possible death loomed ahead of her, Esther did not allow timidity to prevent her from taking a stand. She knew who she was! She was Queen! She was married to the king! Are you married to the King? If you are, then you hold the position as the Bride of Christ, seated with Him in heavenly places. This is your position.

As a result of her bold action to petition the king, the chapter tells us that Esther found favor in his sight. Christian women, having become one with Christ, know that you have found favor with Him and He will grant you any request you desire. Remember His words, “It is my Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32). King Ahasuerus promised Esther up to half of his kingdom; our King is more generous. One of my favorite Bible verses says this: “He cannot deny Himself” (2 Timothy 2:13).

Women of God, your true identity lies in the knowledge that you have become a son of God. Even as Mary carried the infant Son of God inside of her, we Christian women carry the Resurrected Son of God within us! The angel told Mary that the Holy Ghost would come upon her and overshadow her. This is the same Holy Ghost dwelling in us, who causes us to develop the character of the son of God. That’s our identity! God still chooses women to bear His Son!

The second insight I glean from the story of Esther is the importance of knowing your rights and authority.

No other woman in the kingdom could have done what Esther did. In her position as Queen she knew that she had the ear of the king. She knew that she had the right and the authority over the servants to command that a feast be prepared. Ladies, we too have been given rights, and we too must know what those rights are.

The Rights of a Christian Woman

We have the right to trample on scorpions - Luke 10:19 (NIV) I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

The right to declare victory over all situations: sickness, disease, poverty, wrong doing.

The right to intercede for our nation, our families, or government - Esther did this.


It is interesting to observe how Esther handled the situation she was facing. She had to deal with a snake (named Haman) who stealthily hid his plan from the king. However, just like an eagle can see its prey afar off, Christian eagles must have discernment to be able to detect when someone means them harm. It is important to listen to the Holy Spirit within and to follow His promptings when dealing with others. “Try the spirit” scriptures says.

Esther’s Method of Combat

Instead of reacting on Haman’s level, Esther took her battle to the king. The snake was unearthed by the Eagle, was seized, and taken to a higher ground for total destruction. Our weapons today are not carnal, they are mighty! We do not fight on the enemy’s turf, we fight our battles from the Heavenlies.

To recap:

1. Christian women -- Christian eagles we do not fight the enemy in our own flesh, we must fight in our closets – in prayer. Esther prayed first.

2. We must use the authority Christ has given us to pull down principalities and powers and then take our stand in confidence knowing that the battle has already been won in the spirit world. Be not afraid.

3. After we have prayed, we need to be sensitive to what the Lord would have us do. Use wisdom. Follow the Holy Spirit’s direction.

Sometimes He might want us just to keep quiet; sometimes we might need to speak out; sometimes He would ask us to perform a certain action; and sometimes we have to do nothing.

To wrap it up…

Esther’s identity gave her access to the king and caused her to find favor with the king. Her position enabled her to use her rights to command attention and respect from friends and associates, and to exercise authority over enemies.

If Esther had chosen a different path and had accosted Haman, she might have ended up losing the battle. Instead, she used the wisdom that came after prayer and won the victory.

Women of God, I hope this message has encouraged you. Remember that eagles have snakes for dinner. Remember that, and go forward in Jesus’ name!

If this has blessed you, share it with others on your social pages.

God Bless.

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For Black History Month, I think it fitting to mention at least one of the people in the Bible of Black descent who made a significant contribution to someone’s life. One such person is Ebed-melech in Jeremiah 38:7.

When evil men placed Jeremiah in the dungeon and left him to die there, Ebed-melech went to the king and interceded on behalf of Jeremiah (38:8-9).

First, we see that Ebed-melech was employed in a position of prominence. He was a court official who was assigned to the royal palace; therefore, he had access to the king.

As members of the Black community, we must not shrink back from being in influential positions. Furthermore, we must recognize that God has placed us there, and be bold enough not to compromise our stance but to distinguish between right and wrong and to speak up for the right.

Next, we as 21st century intercessors have the responsibility to intercede for the Body of Christ and its ministers. We must be in tune with what is going on around us and acknowledge that we can bring situations in our community to the King of kings for resolution. However, when we intercede, God may give us further instructions, and we must then be willing to carry out those instructions. We must intercede (stand in the gap) for those who cannot do it for themselves – even as Jeremiah could not plead his own case.

Let us be obedient to the voice of God. Lives in our Black community depend on our obedience.

I pray that God grants us the boldness

to ‘stand before kings.’

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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Therefore, we, as Eagles, can draw knowledge and strength from some of the attributes of an eagle. As we look toward future 2020 goals, here are some wisdoms we can glean.

Scripture says: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles”. (Isaiah 40:31)

This verse has been my guide for many years, lighting the course of my life. The eagle has become my symbol because of the encouragement I gain just from looking at its stance in flight.

When I look at the eagle in flight, I see greatness. I see success. I see elegance. These are attributes which serve as examples for my life, and which inspire me to keep on believing, keep on achieving, keep on climbing, and keep on expecting to reach the highest pinnacle of success attainable.

There are many similarities which exist between the eagle’s life and the Christian Life, and anyone striving to reach a goal can draw from these similarities. The quoted text speaks of the wings. The eagle has a tremendously wide wingspan and these wings attest to its strength and power. The eagle can soar through storm winds, using the storm to lift it higher.

This is a very valuable lesson for an entrepreneur because many times adversity comes the moment we take a step to achieve our purpose or our goal, but we can draw from the strength within us – the strength that comes from God – and this enables us to glide through the storm without becoming overwhelmed by it. It is interesting to note that when other birds are trying to seek refuge from the storm, the eagle flies into it. As entrepreneurs, we must use the pressure of the storm: trials, temptations, afflictions etc. to lock our minds onto our purpose, and this brings us to a higher altitude in life. It took me a while to appreciate trials, etc., but I discovered that after I had gone through a testing circumstance once, I came out a stronger person.

Another point about the eagle and its wings: The eagle flies higher than any other bird. Therefore, we can take a “feather” from the eagle. When other people try to bring us down and/or keep us down, having confidence in who we are can cause us to lift up our heads, spread our wings out and take off. We should not allow others to bring us down to their level of thinking. Eagles do not mix with other birds. Be encouraged!!

Another important eagle attribute is the eagle’s eyesight. Did you know that the eagle’s sight is 3.6 times sharper than the human’s? An eagle can see its prey from miles away and zoom down on it with amazing accuracy. This fascinates me. However, it speaks to the our spiritual insight. We are able, because of our knowledge of right and wrong – knowledge of the Word of God – to spot an enemy before he/she strikes, and are thereby able to protect ourselves. This insight comes many times through experience; but sometimes people close their eyes to what they see and this can cause us to fall into a trap. At all times, therefore, we need to use the extremely powerful inner eyes we have to avoid making bad decisions in business.

One last feature I would like to mention here is the eagle’s face. In the face of an eagle I see determination. I see confidence. I see fearlessness. These are all necessary qualities for an entrepreneur. There is a certain degree of elegance and royalty in the face of an eagle which to me speaks of greatness. Greatness – not in the sense of worldly acclaim – but in actually overcoming whatever life brings your way and achieving goals in spite of them.

As entrepreneurs, let us elevate our thinking, bringing it up to the mentality of royalty – not in the possession of things, but in freedom. Freedom to become who we were created to be!!

Let me know your thoughts. Feel free to comment as you are led.

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