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1920x1080 HD Lamb Of God Wallpaper">

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1920x1080 HD Lamb of God Wallpaper">

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Most of us picture lambs as downy white animals frolicking in rolling green meadows or carried tenderly in the arms of their shepherd. Lambs represent gentleness, purity, and innocence. Though it is one of the most tender images of Christ in the New Testament, the phrase "Lamb of God" would have conjured far more disturbing pictures to those who heard John the Baptist hail Jesus with these words. Hadn't many of them, at one time or another, carried one of their own lambs to the altar to be slaughtered as a sacrifice for their sins, a lamb that they had fed and bathed, the best animal in their small flock? Hadn't the bloody sacrifice of an innocent animal provided a vivid image of the consequences of transgressing the Mosaic law? Surely, John must have shocked his listeners by applying the phrase "Lamb of God" to a living man.

These various sacrificial practices in Jewish culture often involved lambs; this animal had a very important place in the religion. Lambs are known for their white coats, and white is a symbol of purity and cleanliness.

Can you begin to see how why Jesus was called the Lamb of God? He, too, was stainless, perfect and free of sin. He was perfectly pure. And just like the lambs were sacrificed for sin, so would Christ be sacrificed.

ShangDi is the supreme god of the Chinese. He is the Creator of the universe and earth, and the emperors were to obey the mandates of Heaven in order to rule the Chinese people with love, compassion and justice. Only the emperors that had done good deeds, acquired prestige, and had moral character were worthy to offer at the HeavenWorshipping Altar (Shi Ji) The Chinese Classics such as the ShangShu, Shi Ji, Y Zing, and Shi Zing (These classics were written in BC; at least a thousand years before Christianity came to China in about AD 620)3 revealed attributes of ShangDi that are consistent with that of Yahweh, the only true God of the Hebrews. First, ShangDi is the Creator of the universe, including humankind (Y Zing and Shi Zing). Second, the Y Zing gave the order of creation starting from heaven, then earth and all living things, and finally man and woman. This order of creation is the same as that of the book of Genesis. Third, ShangDi is just and demands the highest moral standard from the emperors and His people (Shi Ji and Shang Shu). Fourth, He is a personal God that seeks to communicate to His people through the high priest, the emperor. The emperors were to inquire from ShangDi about His blessing to the Chinese people. No personal benefit was asked by the emperors during the offering to ShangDi at the Border Sacrifice.4 Fifth, ShangDi is a spirit and the making of statues was strictly forbidden (Shang Shu). Sixth, ShangDi desires animal sacrifices, especially the bull and the lamb (Shi Ji and Shi Zing). For a detailed review of some of these attributes see James Legge5 and Zhofeng Wang.6

Did the ancient Chinese believe that the way back to heaven was through the sacrifice of the unblemished and kind sheep? In this paper we show that the ancient Chinese comprehended the importance of atoning for their personal sin, before a just and righteous Creator, through the act of sacrificing an unblemished lamb or sheep.

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