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Ncplot V2.26 Crack ((FULL))

*************************************************************NCPlot v2.26 Release NotesSeptember 9, 2012As of NCPlot v2.26, the MachinistToolbox(tm) plug-in is no longer supported.Bug FixesA test routine for the G71 lathe roughing cycle had been left enabled and could cause bad geometry to be created when plotted. This routine is not yet complete and has been removed.Fixed some display problems for systems that have the desktop DPI set higher than 100%.The run time estimation report was always showing the rapid rate from the machine configuration rather than the setting on the run time estimation page, this is fixed.Viewport window selection now works properly with motion elements that include rotary axis movement.The block renumbering tool was not properly handling blocks that use numbered block skips, eg. "/2". This is fixed.The block renumbering tool was improperly updating blocks containing keywords that begin with "GOTO". Some controls use the keywords "GOTOB" and "GOTOF", NCPlot will now ignore these keywords when renumbering.Fixed a bug in the subprogram formats that allow specifying a target block number. The subprogram call was incorrectly jumping to a block in the same program rather than the target program if a matching block number was found. This has been fixed.ImprovementsThe display of rapid motion on the backplot now includes rotary motion. This includes all three rapid types: interpolated, dog-leg and Z first/last.Improved the calculations for the length of motion elements that include rotary axis movement. This will improve run time estimates for programs that include a rotary axis.Improved the find / replace functionality. The Replace All tool is now case-insensitive and now works when a line break (^M) is included in the find or replace text.Improved the handling of the machine configuration folder. This will enable selecting a configuration folder that is not a sub-folder of the NCPlot installation folder.The viewport modal display will now hide H and D addresses when their value is zero. The H and D modal values will also be reset to zero when a tool change is commanded so that these addresses will only be displayed when a new offset has been commanded.Made some changes to the Remove Redundant Endpoints tool to prevent removing endpoints from blocks immediately after a tool change, from offset activation blocks and a few others.The file comparison tool now uses the active font settings for displaying the files to compare.Added support for G10 to most of the included machine configurations. This is done by means of a G10 macro that supports G54-G59 and G54.1 P1-P48 work offset setting.New FeaturesAdded a new setting to the machine configuration "G/M Code" setting page. This setting allows the canned cycle repeat address to be set separately from the M98 repeat address. Either address "L" or "K" can be selected.Added a new rotary axis type. This new type treats the rotary axis endpoints like a linear axis. If the rotary axis is commanded beyond 360 degrees it will rotate back the same amount when going back to zero regardless if it passes through zero more than once.Added a macro variable renumbering tool. This tool will display the macro variables that are used by a program and will allow you to renumber them. This tool is found under the "Calc / Renumber Variables" menu.Added rapid rate settings for each axis to the machine configuration. These settings allow for more accurate backplotting of dog-leg rapid motion and are only enabled when this rapid type is selected.Added a setting to the preferences window called "Disable colorizing for files larger than xxxx KBytes". As the name implies, this setting allows you to set a size limit for colorized programs. Large files can take a significant amount of time to colorize and this setting will help alleviate that by automatically disabling it. Setting this value to "0" will disable this feature.Added an interpreter customize page to the machine configuration. This page adds a greater degree of flexibility to the backplotter by allowing you to find and replace text as the program is being interpreted. This does not modify the program being edited, it simply pre-processes it before it gets to the backplotter. This will allow the backplot to do things like ignore specific G-codes, interpret non-standard G-codes and keywords or replace the standard G-codes with custom macros.Added a system variable that indicates which address has been selected for the rotary 4th axis. The variable is #5110 which will contain one of these values: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 21=U, 22=V and 23=W. When used in a macro statement the rotary axis commanded value can be retrieved with the statement "#[#5110]".Added support to the Haas machine configuration for G47 text engraving. Supports literal string, character and serial number engraving.Added two new scripting functions to support the "Convert coordinates to ABS" and "Convert coordinates to INC" tools. These functions are:NCPlot.NCPConvertCoordToABSNCPlot.NCPConvertCoordToINCAdded an option to the renumbering tool to renumber existing blocks only. This has also been added to the scripting function NCPRenumber as Rstyle 4.

Ncplot V2.26 Crack

NCPlot v2.06 Release NotesFebruary 18, 2009Bug FixesThe animate slider, fade slider and tool list would disappear when the close "X" button was clicked on the NCPlot titlebar. If the shutdown was cancelled, these items did not reappear. This has been fixed.On the address color setup dialog, if the selected color was black then the color box actually showed white.Some fixes to the toolbars were made. Mostly issues with menu items not being shown in the correct check state on startup.The "Step Forward" and "Step Backward" buttons on the plot toolbar were set to auto-repeat when held down, this has been changed back to 1-click equals 1-step.Fixed a problem with running NCPlot on accounts without Admin privaleges. On shutting down NCPlot an error was being generated: "Run-time error 2000: Application defined or object defined error". This error is being caused by the system not allowing NCPlot to save it's toolbar layout file. The fix was to save this file under the user application data folder. An added benefit to this is that each user can now have their own toolbar layout.The milling canned cycles now properly support G18/G19 plane selection.Fixed a bug in the DXF conversion setup window. NCPlot was reporting an error when using saved layers.GeneralExternal subprogram files no longer need to have filenames that begin with the letter "O". NCPlot will now find subprogram files in either format, ie. "" or "" is acceptable. The file extension is ignored and can be anything you like.Added the ability to select and backplot any program in the loaded edit file. There is a new status bar panel that can be used whenever you have multiple programs in your file. When the panel is clicked a popup menu appears that contains a list of all the programs in your file. Clicking a program on the menu jumps to the selected program and selects it for backplotting. This allows you to backplot any program in your file without the need to rearrange the programs.Added a tool list toolbar which contains a list of the tool numbers used in the program. This list is populated any time the backplot is refreshed. Clicking on a tool number in the list causes the editor to highlight the line in the program where the tool change was commanded. This creates a convenient way to navigate to the beginning of each tool in the program.Added a system variable for requesting user input. The variable number is #3009 and it's format is:#3009=100(Enter Pocket Diameter)When this block is encountered a user input box appears with the message "Enter Pocket Diameter" and the current value for variable #100. A new value entered into this box is then copied to variable #100.When saving DXF files the geometry is now saved on separate layers by tool number.Added support for 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator. When present, NCPlot will use this device for dynamic Pan, Rotate and Zoom. All current mouse and keyboard controls still work the same.NCPlot will now ignore "$" symbols if present at the end of the block.Network License ManagerThere is now support for a network license manager. There are three new menu selections on the "Help" menu:- Enable Network License ServerChecking this menu item will enable communications to the license manager.- Check Out LicenseThis will request a license transfer from the license manager. If successful, the license is stored on the client computer so that NCPlot may be run while disconnected from the network. While checked out the license will not be available for other users.- Check In LicenseThis will return a stored license back to the license manager.The network license manager is a free download from the NCPlot web site at addition of the license manager required changing the location of the license file. This just means that you will have to re-enter your product key after updating to this version of NCPlot.A third button has been added to the "Help / About" window. This button enables checking for a license server so that this function can be enabled even after the trial period has expired.Macro TranslatorChanged the layout of the macro translator window. Also, this window can now be resized and will remember it's size as well as the last selected macro folder between uses.Improved the data entry on the macro translator window. After pressing the "Enter" key to accept a new value, the data entry box moves to the next item in the list. After reaching the last item it will move back to the top of the list. Pressing the up or down arrow keys moves the data entry box up or down the list of variables.Updated the macro translator to allow non-motion and comment blocks to be output.Added a method to allow the translator to output a string literal. To do this, add a comment line to the macro being translated in this format:("O1234(TEST)")The text between the quotes will be output by the translator as-is. This allows adding special characters or any program code that would not normally be output by the translator.The macro translator will now remember each macro's parameter settings between uses.Machine ConfigurationThe machine configuration option to reverse lathe arc direction has been moved to the control options page so that it will also be available for mills.Address ColorsAdded another setting to the Address Color configuration dialog. This setting is labeled "Other" and is a color setting for any characters not covered by the other settings.DNCAdded some new settings to the Communications Setup page. There are two new settings on the "Transmit" tab:"Wait for XXX seconds before transmitting" - This setting enables a timed delay before transmitting begins. This is a check box that will then enable the second setting where the actual delay time may be entered.There are also two new tabs labeled "TX Header" and "TX Footer". These tabs contain text settings where header and footer text may be entered. The header text will automatically be sent before the file to send and the footer text will be sent after.


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