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Fight Titans with Your Friends in Attack on Titan: Assault APK Game

Attack on Titan - Fan Game is a free action game developed by Swammy. This game allows players to experience the thrill of slaying Titans using ODM gear. But unlike the official game Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom, this fan-made game gives players a first-person POV.

attack on titan game apk

Attack on Titan - Fan Game started out as an experiment by an indie developer, but it has since grown into a fully functioning game after going viral on TikTok. The game features several maps to slay titans in, including the classic Trost district, a forest, and even a Minecraft-inspired map.

This fan-made game is fun to play alone, but it's even better when played with friends. As the game supports multiplayer, you and your friends can jump into a map and take down hordes of titans together. You can train on dummies or fight real titans that have different behaviors. The several maps that are available each have a distinct atmosphere but they can feel empty.

Unfortunately the game was cancelled (18/07/2019), when my old notebook's hd broke and I lost all my files including the AOT project, so it's not possible to update.

Why are you no longer continuing the development of this I have to say, it's epic like I'm totally in love with your creation. You have to complete this project I'm begging you man this is the best game I've ever played on my phone I swear. Please finish what you have started and you'll see the happiness and joy you will give people or AoT fans. I really hope you get this message and do as I requested.

I cant believe are on the edge of one of the greatest anime games ever made.aot has a huge fanbase.this can get you on track.or u think that stupid demon slayer game you made has sense.its dumb.dont be a coward and. Update and add content.

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Can you add hange zoe, erwin smith and jean kirstein?, make the map large and add colossus titan on final boss, and can you add more house design like shop jungle in wall and add more titans for fight. I hope you will add all myvideas because I really want tovplay aot with realistic like anime. Im your fans???

julhiecio the project could go on even if you have lost everything because you could also recreate the same files even if I know it is not easy to do everything but it could be a rebirth and you could take cues from the game

man i just downloaded the game yesterday and i got my first 1k kill today. Im a bit sad cause theres no more upcoming update, the game is so cool. it reminds me of the game aottg, the one fenglee made. that game has alot of memories, i wish this game will continue cause ive been telling all my friends about this app. love your work bro!!!.

Hey, please continue the project, I wanted to play on the iphone but it doesn't work, and on the computer the controls are a bit buggy, please, if necessary I make videos on youtube to publicize the game very good

The fighting style is similar to Spider-Man, and the fighting style is also perfectly restored. Wearing a three-dimensional mobile device to sprint, spin, kill, and strike a strong sense. The game is well optimized, the 60-frame battle has no frame drops, and the thick line screen looks very comfortable.

This is AOT Revive, a game inspired by the Attack On Titan anime. Inside the game you can play with the ODM gear to kill Dummy titans, using swords and thunder spears. In the training camp it is possible to compete against your personal best on 12 unique levels and 2 excellent scenarios to make the most of the grappling hooks and the various boosts available. Plus you can try to complete 2 challenges that will unlock modified and improved versions of the Thunder Spears and the ODM Gear.

Awesome game overall, love the scenarios and several unlockables, and your the first to do thunderspears so big props on that. So in the next update will there be titans? Either way I am excited for the next update, do you have an idea on when it will be released?

Attack on Titan 2 is the sequel to the original game based on the smash hit anime and manga series. Prepare to rejoin the battle against the destructive Titans as you step into the storyline of the anime.

Attack on Titan 2 follows the plot to the second season of the anime, and fans of the Attack on Titan franchise will love the opportunity to revisit beloved characters, settings and events in an interactive form, allowing them to see new sides to the various characters and explore new corners of the Attack on Titan world. The game also improves on its predecessor, covering improved omni-directional mobility; this means that players will have greater freedom to move, and be bale to target the Titans wit more precision. But be warned: the Titans themselves have been given an upgrade, with enhanced AI patterned around the Titans' behaviour in the anime.

Attack on Titan 2 has plenty to offer fans of the franchise. Like the original game in the series, it strives to recreate the thrills and excitement of the anime series, and comes up with a solid gameplay mechanism as a result.

Attack On Titan VR-slavka is a free action title created by an independent developer who goes by the name Slavkaskola. It's a VR game based on the popular anime, Attack On Titan. In it, players experience the high-flying combat spectacle that made that series such a hit.

Similar to Need for Speed No Limits VR or VR Flight Simulator, Attack On Titan VR-slavka is a game created to take advantage of the immersive experience that the virtual reality headset of today can offer to gamers. It features various characters and locations from the show that fans will appreciate.

Attack On Titan manga is one of the most critically-acclaimed series of the decade. From its gripping story to its relatable characters, and over-the-top action sequences, so much so that it received an anime adaptation not long after it debuted. It's no surprise then that even games have been taking inspiration from it, and Attack On Titan VR-slavka is one such example made for VR users.

This VR game basically lets you live out your dream of operating the omni directional mobility (ODM) gear for yourself. It features various locations from the series to explore and master your maneuvers, including the walled cities, as well as the dense forests out in the wild. You'll primarily control Levi as you take down a variety of Pure Titans and Abnormal Titans in your path.

What's more, the game features mounted combat with horses, as well as letting you manually spawn titans as you like. There's even voice acting for the characters all throughout. Before jumping in, just know that you need a compatible VR headset for this to work. Also, it's still in active development, with bug fixes, content, and features to be introduced in future updates.

If you're a fan of Attack On Titan and own a compatible headset, Attack On Titan VR-slavka is well worth checking out. Get your Levi on and slay every unfortunate titan in your wake. It's such an immersive and fun experience that its glaring shortcomings can be overlooked as most of them will most likely be addressed in future updates.

This is a growing franchise and I heard they is to be a game soon. They are even in the works for a live action film. The new season will be out in 2015 as well and 2 new animated movies are coming. So I would stay away from this for now or try to get permission. Hard thing you will run into is you need to know Japanese to speak with the manga creators, animation producers, and anyone else with the rights.

I was really excited to get this for my Oculus Quest 2, then i noticed that i cant play it on that. i do enjoy attack on quest, but this looks like a MUCH more fun experience. I'm aware that you may be busy, but could you please work on a quest port? thank you! :)

Bruh i got so excited when i saw this like REALLY excited BUT! i found out it was a PCVR game and im only a teen so i dont exactly have the budget for a PC with the specs to run vr games, attack on quest is good and all but this looks stunning. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD hopefully one day this will come to quest - I BEG YOU

- Aiming my anchors (ODM gear) was really difficult whenever I tried to go for the nape (when they sit down), and when I did get it to work, they would usually just auto-attach to the titan's back. That being said, I also think there should at least be an option to turn off that auto-attaching thing. I understand it's purpose, but when I hit the arms or even nape at any point, one anchor would just end up shooting down to the lower back/stomach or whatever. So maybe allow the anchors to hit anywhere on the titan and just stay there as you fly towards it? Idk, this was mainly an issue for the head though, because I would cut the leg and then stand there for a good minute trying to get the reticles to appear on the nape, and then as I said, one would just shoot down to the lower back.

- These two are simple; 1, my character would constantly walk away from the gas supplies before I was finished, and I had to fight against him as I stood there. 2, for me the music was either really loud, or really quiet, almost no in-between. Then when I turned into a titan, it would get WAY louder despite my setting.

- A lot of times I would fly towards a titan and go through them, all before they could attack, but then I'd check my health and see that a bit was lost, which was just slightly annoying seeing as there's not really a way to replenish it. It was also kinda disappointing that I went right through the titans instead of colliding with them, but that's whatever. Now for suggestions...

- To go back to that complaint a bit, I'd really like to see titans be able to grab you and you'd have to fight your way out like in the AoT console games. It would make the game way scarier and riskier, which in this case is a good thing lol.


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