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Rk Launcher 0.41 Beta

RK Launcher iVista Leopard is a handy and attractive application launcher that is the perfect replacement for your taskbar. The program has the ability to show your minimized windows as icons on the dock, thus allowing more productivity and better accessibility. When you open the application for the first time, RK Launcher will automatically place a shortcut on the launcher for an easier and faster access. What is more, the program is fully customizable including the themes, fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. A great thing about this utility is that all the icons are zoomed in when you mouse is moved over the dock. With this handy taskbar you will have all your favorite shortcuts at hand and you will never have to waste time looking for a program you always use and take precious screen space. Now you can fully enjoy your wallpaper without seeing icons on it and will make your Windows look like a real Mac OS X Leopard. In short, if you are tired of your boring desktop and are looking for something fresh, RK Launcher iVista Leopard can be a good choice.

Rk Launcher 0.41 Beta

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