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1080p The Black Prince ^NEW^

After the death of his father, Maharajah Ranjit Singh, the previous ruler of the Sikh empire, Maharaja Duleep Singh is placed on the throne at the age of five. In 1849, when Punjab is annexed to British India, the young prince is removed from the throne and separated from his mother. He is put under the guardianship of British surgeon Dr. John Login. At the age of 15, Duleep Singh is sent to England where he meets Queen Victoria. A relationship between the two develops.

1080p The Black Prince

In this subgenre, it seems the male lead is always honorable, polite, and respectful regardless of how flat and two dimensional such characteristics make the character. While the intent is to convey the character's suave chivalry, it ends up making him seem as if he's stepped straight out of a fairy tale. There isn't any genuine achievement or satisfaction in watching Akeem finding love because what woman wouldn't want such a good-hearted prince, even if he's in disguise? By way of comparison, when the lead in a movie like 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' finds love, it comes with a huge sense of universal justice and relief, but in 'Coming to America' it simply feels as if Murphy like obtaining the inevitable.

The film is presented in 1080p on both discs and looks fairly good for a catalog title (particuarly one that's nearly twenty years old). It certainly never achieves earth-shaking greatness, but it does do a good job of making the movie look a lot better than it has before. Skintones are natural, black levels are generally deep, and there's a nice increase in the dimension of the picture that wasn't present on the standard DVD. Texture details receive the most obvious upgrade and the scenes in Zamunda really come to life in high-def.

Amazon's tablets aren't meant to set the world on Fire, but they're probably some of the most popular on the planet thanks to low price tags and integration with the company's retail empire. It's been about a year and a half since the 10-inch version got an upgrade, but today Amazon is taking pre-orders for the new Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 10 Plus. In terms of physical design, the refreshed Fire HD 10 now places its front-facing camera in a landscape position instead of portrait. It also moves the speakers to the bottom edge, giving the entire package a more conventional design for tablets of this size. Amazon says this is better for video conferencing. It keeps the same 10-inch, 1080p display as the previous model and a similar 2.0GHz octa-core processor, but boosts RAM up to 3GB. That's still on the low side for any Android device these days. Amazon says the body is thinner and lighter, with a stronger aluminosilicate screen that's 10% brighter.Thankfully Amazon kept the USB-C charging added to the last model, which isn't a given with tablets at this price point. Storage is either 32GB or 64GB, plus whatever you can fit in the MicroSD card slot. The 10 HD starts at $149.99 for the 32GB model, coming in black, denim, lavender, and olive color options. Yes, that price is "ad-supported," and it'll cost you $15 to get rid of them.The HD 10 Plus keeps a more or less identical physical design, but boosts RAM up to a welcome 4GB and adds Qi-compatible wireless charging. Wireless charging is a rare feature on tablets, but Amazon started including it on some premium models last year, because it makes it easy to turn them into Alexa smart displays with the sold-separately dock. Previously the 10-inch tablets needed an adapter case for wireless charging; now it's built-in, like the Fire HD 8 Plus. The Plus model also gets a "premium" soft-touch finish. The Fire HD Plus has the same storage capacity, but that RAM boost is worth it for a $30 price bump.In addition to the $50 wireless charging dock (made by budget brand favorite Anker), Amazon is also selling both tablets in a "productivity bundle," which comes with a Fintie wireless keyboard and a year of Microsoft 365, starting at $220 for the base model Fire 10 HD. Both tablets are up for pre-order on Amazon now, shipping on May 26th.

Projectors are a great way to watch content at home and on the go, without having to bother with a full-sized TV. Anker's models are reliable and convenient, especially the Solar, which offers Android TV and 1080p video. It comes in an AC-powered version as well as a battery-powered portable model. Both models are marked down, selling for $400 and $500 respectively.The Solar is a 1080p smart projector with a 400 NASI lumen lamp and HDR10 support. It offers a projection size of up to 120 inches and comes with a built-in kickstand. Since it's running Android TV, you can install plenty of media apps on the projector itself or cast content to it from any Chromecast-compatible app using your phone or tablet. Of course, there's also USB and HDMI input for offline content or to connect another source.The projector is available for purchase from Amazon using the link below. The standard model is $120 off, while the portable one is down $100 from its standard price, bringing them down to $400 and $500, respectively.Buy: Amazon (AC Power, Portable)

If you're on the market for a smart display, Amazon's latest Echo Show is currently marked down, selling for $210, which is $40 less than its traditional price. It's a great option to place calls, listen to music, watch content, and even have a handy helper in the kitchen while cooking.The Echo Show has a 10-inch adaptive HD screen that follows you as you move about the room, thanks to a silent motor. This is particularly useful when placing video calls, as the screen will rotate and zoom to keep you in the center of the frame. The device can also let you know if someone enters the room when you're away, with the option to watch a live feed from another device, sparing you the purchase of a video camera.Both white and black devices are on sale on Amazon. Just click the link below to grab yours today.Buy: Amazon


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