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Day 31

Bible Reading

Ecclesiastes 11:6


What is the entrepreneurial spirit?

I believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is the person who has a desire to fill many needs.

The Bible Reading for today encapsulates this type of spirit, and is actually very good advice for everyone to follow.

The entrepreneurial spirit is a spirit that drives a person to create something from nothing.

It is not a lazy spirit. It is a spirit of ambition, but not for oneself.

It is a spirit that embraces diversity. While many people are “sticking to one thing”, the entrepreneurial spirit diversifies (sow, because you do not know which one will prosper or if they will all prosper).

As our children grow, we should not limit them to ‘sticking with one thing only’ because we do not know what God has placed inside of them. Watch out for children who get involved in many activities.

After all, God is a God of variety.

He created about 32,000 species of fish He created 400,000 species of flowers” He created 8.7 million species of animals He created 60,000 species of trees He created four seasons

When He created mankind, however, even though He created only one of each kind, He subsequently created millions of people, each with his/her own identifiable fingerprints and personality characteristics.

God is our ultimate model of an entrepreneur. It is no wonder then, that this same entrepreneurial spirit dwells in many of His creations.

We all have His creative ability—whether it is to create one thing (the one-talent guy) or to create multiple businesses.

Examples of successful entrepreneurs include Richard Branson (the Virgin Group that controls over 400 companies); Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) and Debbi Fields (founder of Mrs. Fields Bakeries).

An entrepreneurial spirit does not consider his/her ventures as work, but as a purpose – a calling.

Follow your vision. Do not be deterred by anyone. Remember, the person who did not invest his one talent had that talent taken away from him.

You Have God’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Use It Effectively

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