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For Black History Month

For Black History Month, I think it fitting to mention at least one of the people in the Bible of Black descent who made a significant contribution to someone’s life. One such person is Ebed-melech in Jeremiah 38:7.

When evil men placed Jeremiah in the dungeon and left him to die there, Ebed-melech went to the king and interceded on behalf of Jeremiah (38:8-9).

First, we see that Ebed-melech was employed in a position of prominence. He was a court official who was assigned to the royal palace; therefore, he had access to the king.

As members of the Black community, we must not shrink back from being in influential positions. Furthermore, we must recognize that God has placed us there, and be bold enough not to compromise our stance but to distinguish between right and wrong and to speak up for the right.

Next, we as 21st century intercessors have the responsibility to intercede for the Body of Christ and its ministers. We must be in tune with what is going on around us and acknowledge that we can bring situations in our community to the King of kings for resolution. However, when we intercede, God may give us further instructions, and we must then be willing to carry out those instructions. We must intercede (stand in the gap) for those who cannot do it for themselves – even as Jeremiah could not plead his own case.

Let us be obedient to the voice of God. Lives in our Black community depend on our obedience.

I pray that God grants us the boldness

to ‘stand before kings.’

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