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About Us

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Judy Howard

It is my desire to see men and women of God fulfill the vision of writing books which God has placed in their hearts.

I began Eagles Word Publishing several years ago to do desktop publishing for individuals and churches.  I began by creating flyers, letterheads, newsletters and other business material for those in the Body of Christ.

However, it has always been my vision to write books and also to assist others who wanted to do the same.  Thank God for good friends, for that's how I got started as a publisher.  One of my friends wrote a book, and entrusted me with its publishing.  This greatly encouraged me and other friends were referred to me from time to time.

Even though we are not a big company, everything is done in excellence and with professionalism.

As you take a look around the site, I sincerely hope you are encouraged to step out in faith to fulfill your vision. There is something inside of you which God intends for someone else.  Our mission is to assist you in bringing your goal to fruition.

I treat each work as an assignment from God, and will work with you to establish a satisfactory budget so that God can be glorified.



Eagles Word was established at a time when it was difficult for ordinary people to write their books and have them published at a reasonable cost.


Many manuscripts were and still are rejected by major publishers, and  people become discouraged and give up on their dreams.  For others, the cost is too high.  And that's why under the direction of the Lord, Eagles Word was established.


We're still in an infancy stage, but we invite you to come and soar with us.


Let Eagles Word Christian Publisher be the wind under your wings

and let us soar like the eagles we are called to be.



We take your typewritten manuscript, edit it for proper sentence structure, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and to make sure the content meets our code of ethics.  As a Christian publisher we stick to our niche, publishing only those items which are in line with the Word of God, and which fit into our niche.

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After editing, we do an initial version of the book, including page numbering and table of contents, and we submit it to you as a pdf file.

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When we receive your final approval, we supply an ISBN number and Barcode for your book so that it will meet the standards required to be sold in bookstores and on the internet.

Our Terms and Conditions




Eagles Word Christian Publisher is an independent publisher whose specific niche is Christian works.


Client Responsibilities

The Client is responsible for supplying the work to be published in the format requested by the Publisher.


The Client is responsible for supplying the Publisher with information regarding the printing size, number of pages, details of cover, cost of the finished product, author biographical information, photo and all content required for the front and back of the book as well as any bibliographical information.


The Client is responsible for committing to the production by making a deposit into the account of the Publisher before work is begun, and by adhering to the payment schedule provided by the Publisher.


The Client is responsible for reviewing all drafts forwarded by the Publisher and granting approval before the work is finalized.


The Client is responsible for purchasing books in the quantity he or she desires.  No minimum order is required by Publisher.


The Client is responsible for the marketing and distribution of the books.


The Client assures that this is an original work written by the Client, and Client has legal rights to publish book and to engage with Publisher, ruling out the possibilities of any copyright or other intellectual property issues with other authors. If the book is found to be plagiarized, or copied, Eagles Word Christian Publisher will have the right not to publish its contents and Client will indemnify and hold harmless Publisher from any liability.


The Client assures that all photos used inside the book are originals. No image can be used for which the author does not own the copyright. Eagles Word Christian Publisher will not be a party of any lawsuit arising, if any, for anyone challenging the use of copyrighted photo/image in the book. If any lawsuit arises from the book in this regard and Eagles Word Christian Publisher is by any chance made a part of it, the Client will pay the legal expenses, fines, compensation if any applicable on Eagles Word Christian Publisher.


Publisher Responsibilities

The Publisher reserves the right not to accept any manuscript that is not in keeping with its niche or moral or ethical standards or professional standards.


The Publisher edits the manuscript to meet its professional standard.  Such editing includes, among other things, sentence structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, page numbering and table of contents.


The Publisher designs the layout of the book and formats it.


The Publisher assigns an ISBN number and lists the work in Bowker’s database.


The Publisher uploads the completed work to an online Print-on-Demand service, which prints a sample copy of the book for review.


The Publisher advertises the book on its website for a period of not less than five months, unless otherwise agreed upon, for authors who publish with Eagles Word.


The Publisher gives Client an estimated turnaround time based on the number of services required by Client.


Copyright Policy

The author of the book remains the copyright holder, and maintains all rights.

Royalty Fees

Eagles Word Christian Publisher's royalty fee is 10 percent of the retail price of the book. 

Both parties do hereby agree to the terms laid out above.

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Terms and Conditions
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